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Determination of the geometrical (locational) shape and physical material properties of any inaccessible object, region, surface constitutes an important and interesting class or problems in different fields such as electromagnetics, optics, acoustics, elastics, etc. This due to the fact that the result of such investigations has direct practical applications in the areas, but not limited to, medical diagnostic, nondestructive testing, geophysical exploration, detection of mines, underground tunnels, pipelines, surface imaging from radar data etc.

The common name of such kind of problems is tomography, and in real life, one is very familiar with their medical applications such as CT (Computer Tomoghraphy), MR (Magnetic Resonance) tomoghraphy, ultrasound tomography.

Our group is a part of ITU Electrics-Electronics Faculty, and is working on the electromagnetic tomography of the inaccessible objects. For 10 years of period, we have been working on the developing of reconstruction methodologies. Our special attention is concentrated on the imaging of buried objects.

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